Treats Cough and Cold

Jaggery has been used for long as a natural remedy for cough and cold because of its anti-allergic nature. All you need to do is have it with warm water. You can also replace sugar with it in your tea.

Expels Intestinal Worms

Since ancient times, jaggery has been used to expel out the intestinal worms. Consume a mixture of jaggery, banyan tree root, and some fennel seeds.

Gurr for Menstrual Pain and PMS

Jaggery is a panacea for the women who suffer from severe menstrual pain and premenstrual syndrome. It not only relieves you from the abdominal pain but also cures sudden mood changes that you encounter just before periods. Consuming it on the daily basis will definitely make you feel good.

Dry & Cracked Heels

1 cup of organic honey, slightly warmed
1-2 tablespoons of milk
½ cup fresh orange juice
Warm the honey, stir in 2 tablespoons of milk (warming the milk helps as well) and the juice of ½ an orange. Use a pumice stone or foot file to slough off some of the callused skin and then spread a layer of the mixture evenly onto your heels, apply it before bed, let it dry and wash in the morning.

Ear Pain

Jaggery helps you get rid of ear pain. Have a mixture of jaggery and clarified butter to eliminate pain and you will feel better. This mixture is useful for other health related problems too.

Jaggery & Hiccups

Jaggery has certain properties which ease the problem of hiccups. You just need to take it in the grated form with some ginger. Drink warm water after having the mixture.

Boosts the Production of Sperm

Jaggery is great at energizing your body. It also enhances the production of sperms and their quality. Regular intake of jaggery and basil seeds followed with a cup of cow’s milk at least for 4 months will increase your sperm count.

Treats Cold & Flu

Mix 1 tbl spoon of Honey & ¼ tbl spoon cinnamon in a spoon or jar. Consume it before bed.